Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chiropractic Malpractice

Even the most skilled and careful medical practitioners can get sued. It is no guarantee that a human being can be perfect at all times. Rarely will any medical expert make mistakes intentionally but in case of even a minor flaw, a doctor can end up losing a major chunk of his hard-earned money. And why to neglect the politics and diplomacy in the health care industry? There is no dearth of anti-chiropractic medical doctors and people who are always in the lookout for an opportunity to find loopholes in the hospital care offered to the patients. Owing to this, most of the chiropractic malpractice cases are not due to real blunders in surgery or treatment but they stem from misunderstandings, lack of communication and fee issues. In the recent years, an increased number of cases regarding chiropractic malpractices have gained media attention. While some cases are genuine, others are just featherbrained law suits filed to gain millions of dollars. It seems that to get rich quickly, a certain group of people have found malpractice lawsuits as a great idea. To ensure that you are screened against such malpractices, it is best to choose a suitable chiropractic malpractice insurance and carry on your profession with a peace of mind.

Choosing Ideal Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Policies
Chiropractic malpractice statistics collected from various sources have stated a fact that incidents of medical lawsuits against chiropractors have increased in the last couple of years. No matter fake or real, the issue of malpractice amongst chiropractics is now a matter of debate for medical community. So don't wait to get a secured insurance coverage. To choose the right insurance policy, you may follow some fundamental tips.

Know What is Being Excluded
Surprising it may seem, but still many insurance policies come with a variety of exclusions that decrease the worth of these policies. Cases that involve treating patients under 14 years age, professional athletes and pregnant women (after the first trimester) are not covered. Even board complaints and sexual harassment cases are not covered in many insurance policies. You need to think carefully about the exclusions because a policy that considers even one or two of these exclusions is not worth the deal.

Check Out for the Defense Quality
When you are involved in a malpractice case, it is legal duty of your insurance company to protect you to the best of their power. They will pay for the attorneys, which is certainly one of the greatest costs incurred when fighting for a malpractice law suit. Many insure companies act smart and they put restrictions of number of hours you can meet the attorney as they pay them on hourly basis for consultation. It is advisable to know more about this factor, about the attorney who will protect you. It is a ridiculous deal to have a low premium insurance and be defended by a weaker attorney and lose the case to pay hefty amounts.

Becoming an Insurance Agent

Overview of Insurance and Role of Agents
The concept of insurance has a great importance in Economics. Insurance provides financial security for the individual after the regular payment of the premiums. There are many kinds of insurance plans like health insurance, life insurance, home insurance and disability insurance. The insurance companies earn a considerable amount of money from the premiums, which is invested in some profitable ventures and businesses to maximize their gains. There are many big players in the insurance market, who have millions to invest, but it is not possible for them to reach out to the root level to find eligible customers for themselves. So, they appoint the insurance agents to do this job of finding customers for them. The role of insurance agents is to provide precise information about all the schemes and plans floated by the company and get maximum possible potential customers. More the amount sold policies, more will be the commission of the insurance agents. Given below, are the requirements and qualifications for becoming an insurance agent.

Qualifications and Pre-requisites to Become Insurance Agent
Many people are attracted to the profession of insurance agent, to earn a lot of money, but are totally confused about how to become an insurance agent. Ideally, an insurance agent should have a graduate degree in commerce and postgraduate degree in business administration. One should have a thorough knowledge of accounts, and some good work experience in a financial institution before becoming an insurance agent. College students can consider the idea of working part-time to gain some useful experience as this early exposure to the world of finance will help them learn the tricks of the trade fast, when they practice independently as insurance agents. You should learn portfolio management and the various latest computer software, available in the market, which are extensively used by the senior insurance agents to memorize the calculations and insurance accounts.

To become a successful insurance agent, one should have good communication and marketing skills. One should have the ability to convince people and prove how your suggestion could help them financially. A person with good knowledge of finance and economics could do wonders, as an insurance agent. An insurance agent should have an outgoing and dynamic personality and should be able to work hard for long hours till the clients are satisfied.

Hospital Bill Negotiation

Hospital bills can sometimes be unaffordable. The cost of medical services is constantly increasing. Common people are finding it difficult to cope with medical expenses in addition to other financial woes. If you are insured, you can be certain that at least a major chunk of your bill will be covered by the insurance company. However, for the uninsured to negotiate hospital bill is the only way to cut medical billing cost. Many of you may not be aware that by negotiating medical bills you can easily get a discount of up to 60% on your total expense. This is quite a large sum considering the hefty hospital bills. However, you need to know a few things before you are all set for hospital bill negotiation.

Why to Negotiate Hospital Charges

Hospital bill negotiation is pretty similar to debt consolidation, wherein you request to waive off a certain chunk of your debt or discuss a suitable payment plan with your debtors. Similarly, in hospital bill negotiation, you negotiate the total amount of hospital bill with your medical service providers. If you are unable to pay the full amount of your hospital bill, it would make sense to talk with the hospital authorities and get a waiver on part of the bill. When you fail to pay your hospital charges, your case goes for collection. The hospital promise a fraction of your bill to the collection center, as commission. If they succeed to extract more than that amount, they get to keep that amount as profit. In this case, the hospital never recovers the whole amount you owe to them, as part of it goes to the collection center. Hence, your hospital might want to directly recover as much amount as you can afford, without assigning the case to the collection center. When your case goes for a collection, it has an adverse effect on your credit score. Moreover, you have to endure harassing calls from the collection center representatives. Thus, it is often a win-win situation for you and your medical service provider, when there is no third party involvement. This is the reason why many hospitals might agree to negotiate with you.